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Zcash, New Sha Pricing and Survey Thanks!


Hello Miners,

We wanted to send a special update to share some exciting news! We are always increasing efficiency to make your mining experience better. As a result, we are updating our Sha prices!

The new prices are as follows:


0.2 TH/s = $30
2.5 TH/s = $350
15 TH/s = $1950

In addition, we've also been able to reduce our maintenance costs which means higher payouts for any new hashpower upgrade!

A lot of our customers are excited about Zcash. Its new approach to security and next level of anonymity makes it an exciting currency and everyone is happy that another cryptocurrency with such a high potential is hitting the market. As a result, Genesis Mining will soon be making Zcash available to our miners. We'll let you know when it's live!

Zcash, New Sha Pricing and Survey Thanks!

We also wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and feedback, for our customer survey. Your opinions mean everything to us! We received thousands of responses and we have already begun to take action on the answers you shared! The three winners of the X11 contracts will be contacted soon, stay tuned.

Have a great week!

Marco Streng
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