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ZeusHash (Bitcoin Mining)

ZeusHash (Bitcoin Mining)
Last update: 2016.06.27
  • Мinimum hashrate:  no minimum
  • Payouts:  Manual   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitored from:  26.07.2015
  • Monitored (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.46254347 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  370 GHs
  • Our rating:
  • 1
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %
  • Price per 1 GH/s: 0.00140000 BTC
  • Zeus Integrated Systems Limited is known for its ability to deliver state of the art crypto currency ASIC chip design and miner manufacturing. Our mission is to connect global crypto currency lovers together and provide excellent goods and services for the community.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2015.07.26 = 0.46254347 BTC
    2015.07.26 0.46254347 Mining power 210 to 370 GHs

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2016.01.04 = 0.10538698 BTC
    2016.01.04 0.00360920 Withdraw (370 GHs)
    2015.12.28 0.00444918 Withdraw (370 GHs)
    2015.12.21 0.00658111 Withdraw (370 GHs)
    2015.12.14 0.00613883 Withdraw (370 GHs)
    2015.12.07 0.00624258 Withdraw (370 GHs)
    2015.11.29 0.00566196 Withdraw (370 GHs)
    2015.11.22 0.00667766 Withdraw (370 GHs)
    2015.11.15 0.00645144 Withdraw (300 GHs)
    2015.11.08 0.00712796 Withdraw (300 GHs)
    2015.11.01 0.00461170 Withdraw (300 GHs)
    2015.10.31 0.00498542 Withdraw (300 GHs)
    2015.10.18 0.00278264 Withdraw (300 GHs)
    2015.10.11 0.00205314 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.10.04 0.00200322 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.09.27 0.00183239 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.09.20 0.00220754 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.09.13 0.00284636 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.09.06 0.00280655 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.08.30 0.00263370 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.08.23 0.00397998 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.08.16 0.00501904 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.08.09 0.00562022 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.08.02 0.00526511 Withdraw (260 GHs)
    2015.07.26 0.00380005 Withdraw (210 GHs)
Comment #1: 15 November 2014 23:09
Choose the amount/type of ZeusHash node you desire. ZeusHash allocates node for you automatically. Full node power is generating your chosen crypto currency tirelessly. You can check your account using ZeusHash website on PC or mobile devices to see your income. Turn your crypto currency income into real profit. ZeusHash
Comment #2: 25 February 2015 14:57
Hi Guys,
Just wanted to say that I'm an active miner at ZeusHash and would like to give you some info for you to update:

Paying? Yes, there's a withdrawal fee of 100K Satoshis, so the best is to withdraw over 1 million satoshis (and maybe more I'd rather say)
Minimum hashing power? 1 GHS
Price? Depending, there's the Batch I GHS, which cost 0.889 USD (0.0038 BTC as of 02/25/2015) lifetime and the Batch II GHS which cost 0.669 USD (0.00289 BTC as of 02/25/2015) lifetime.
Fee? That's relative, but for example, with my 11 GHS I'm mining an average 11,700 satoshis and paying 9,650 fee.

I really hope this is of help to you guys.

Comment #3: 3 March 2015 08:57
Bitcoin Paying Yes
Comment #4: 28 March 2015 07:46
Those are good ideas and resources. In my exenirpece, everyone suffers from slow pc and internet speeds. The problem is, after using your computer long enough junk collects in the registry and your computer performance slows down (much like a car needing an oil change).
Comment #5: 20 June 2015 13:03
Hi, guys I strongly recommend you not to invest in ZeusHash! I have 124 Ghs and the Maintenance Fee is about 2/3 of the daily income.
Good luck to all
Comment #6: 16 September 2015 20:10
Hi, guys I strongly recommend you not to invest in ZeusHash!
There are lot of users that have Problems and waiting more than month
without answer from support.
Comment #7: 22 September 2015 07:58
I have been waiting almost a month for an end-of-contract (from August 28 2015) payment of 20BTC
Customer Service cs@zeushash have not responded to any emails.
Comment #8: 22 October 2015 00:19
Atention : ZEUShash we are from the day 20/10 without receiving our mining, await the deposit
Comment #9: 24 October 2015 16:50
Same report as the user above, they have not been paying since 10/19. They said they would fix the problem, and they haven't. This is a good reason to avoid cloud mining companies if you want to keep your money.
Comment #10: 24 October 2015 17:11
not paying from 20/10/2015
Is this cloud mining monitor working?
Comment #11: 24 October 2015 21:12
ZeusHash has never been the best cloud mining service and even when they tried partnering with a large Chinese mining farm to provide cloud mining hashrate to its customers their offers were never that attractive. We have essentially stopped covering the service as nothing worth mentioning about it has happened in the last few months, but it seems that now there is something important happening. We haven’t even checked our mining account with a few hundred GHS there for quite some time until we have started receiving reports from users that ZeusHash has stopped paying mining dividends to its customers after 20th of October. It seems that many if not all accounts are affected including ours as there have been no mining dividends paid starting 21st of October.

There has been no official announcement about why no new dividends are being added to users accounts, but with the high price of Bitcoin at the moment the reason is definitely because of mining becoming non-profitable. Trying to reach support users are getting a response that there is an issue they are aware of and than there will be a compensation for the downtime, however nothing has happened for a few days already. So we would not recommend anyone that is considering getting cloud mining hashrate to go for ZeusHash, and if you already have purchased some mining capacity there you should contact support until they finally fix the problem and compensate you for the downtime. The fact that many if not all users have been affected and there is no official announcement from ZeusHash few days later already is not reassuring at all.

Comment #12: 26 October 2015 14:10
Today I received compensation for the downtime, and hourly payouts have resumed. I tried to withdraw the compensation, and it appears withdrawals are processed manually, so I'll watch to see if it gets processed. Secondly CMMonitor, shouldn't you check on these Cloud Mining operations every once in a while to see if they are operating normally, since people rely on your site to determine whether they should risk their hard earned money? Anyway, I appreciate the response nonetheless.
Comment #13: 26 October 2015 14:58
Today I also received compensation, but paying status here again is "Problem". No money on wallet ...
Comment #14: 26 October 2015 15:50

These days, our system occured some errors. Our operators are speeding up processing.
We will make up for your loss of profits as soon as possible. I am so sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best Wish

Zeus Service Team

I receive my payout and withdrawal ... Zeushash is uptodate with us !!!

2015-10-25 23:22:49 Maintenance Fee -0.22755075 0.14169561
2015-10-25 23:22:49 Mine 0.31055743 0.36924636

oops I receive only compensation , withdrawal again pending.

I keep you in touch.
Comment #15: 27 October 2015 13:08
zeushash keep lying, I'm not getting anything in my wallet when going to solve the problem, urgent need of my BTC !!! nothing came into my wallet ???
Comment #16: 29 October 2015 00:13

NOT BTC?????????????????

until the moment this the BTC my concerning the delay did not do I transfer my portfolio from the 19th ... I need my BTC.

You are withdrawing 0.01487881 BTC (fee: 0.00010000 BTC) from ZeusHash to address 16hcixTmj5JgJDnsZYGoxCFMMuNfhS26dy. Visit this link to confirm and complete it:
Comment #17: 31 October 2015 12:08
Today payment received ... we changed the payment status to "Paying".
Comment #18: 2 November 2015 13:11
Payout : OK
Withdraw : OK
Comment #19: 8 November 2015 15:37
I still do not receive my payments, mining appears on the panel, do the transfer, but does not go into my wallet. ZEUSHASH mind, continues to lie !!! stealing my mining, and does not answer my emails.

I have. 1.3 TH mining.
Comment #20: 8 November 2015 15:45
Yvosatoshy did you try contacting support at
Comment #21: 8 November 2015 15:50
Comment #22: 8 November 2015 16:01
Hmm. They've responded to my e-mails. They just helped me reset my 2FA 4 days ago for example. It's strange that the rest of us have all received our payouts, but I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I suggest contacting them again, and asking them to please process the withdrawal.
Comment #23: 8 November 2015 16:48
I HAVE MORE THAN 10 LINKS OF TRANSFER OF BROKEN .... ZEUSHASH. glad you have no problem. Good!!
Comment #24: 8 November 2015 16:55
I don't see why you made more than 10 withdrawals if you knew there was a problem with the first withdrawal. Now you have 10 problems instead of just one. I'm pretty sure they will work it out, but it might take a while with that many withdrawals made. Remember they were having a server problem during the time the payouts stopped, and making so many withdrawals was probably a bad idea at the time.
Comment #25: 8 November 2015 21:58
what then do it every day its mining production appears in your wallet, and you do the transfer and the next day, and you have another production again makes another transfer believing they will receive? after sending several emails and no response !! 1.3 TH have overpaid and got no return so far and when there were shipments were over 60% of BTC now comes my problem with lying ... so why colocanram panel balance of my portfolio without having balance ???
Comment #26: 25 November 2015 18:46
no response until the time is not entered in my wallet ??? and no answer, what's wrong of you ???

NOT BTC withdrawing 0.00197632 BTC (fee: 0.00010000 BTC) from ZeusHash to address19SbksRbL6pvDDra5UMyU47QxExUZyJuTL.

+++8 HOURS???
Comment #27: 20 January 2016 18:30
Run away from zeusHash, I did an huge investment in hashpower, now they dont allow me to withdraw , they said withdraws has been disabled until end of month, terrible worst case escenario.
Comment #28: 15 February 2016 09:43
After a brief stop. The website again is paying, I received a payment from them after making the Withdraw request.

I include the hash code of the payment received.

Payout : OK
Withdraw : OK
Comment #29: 15 February 2016 23:18
Where are my BTC ???

you guys always in trouble !!! until the moment my withdrawal did not go into my wallet !! what to do???

NOT withdrawing 0.01540199 BTC (fee: 0.00010000 BTC) from ZeusHash to address16hcixTmj5JgJDnsZYGoxCFMMuNfhS26dy.

Quote: mindphasar
After a brief stop. The website again is paying, I received a payment from them after making the Withdraw request.

I include the hash code of the payment received.


Payout : OK
Withdraw : OK
Comment #30: 24 February 2016 03:12
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