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Hash Profit Promo: Unique 55% discount

Hash Profit > 120 000 users. Unique 55% discount would last till 05.12.2014, there are only 200 000 Kh/s available, hurry up and buy for the lowest price. (Actual discount 45%, with special promo code HPE031214 your discount goes up to 55%).

1 PFC (ProfitCoin) is crediting for every 100 Kh/s of purchase when buying 100 Kh/s or more.

* ProfitCoin is growing, its market cap grew 4 times (about $40'000)
* Daily trade volume of our cryptocurrency reached $30'000
* ProfitCoin price grew 86% and right now is about $0.93-$1.03 for 1 PFC and will softly grow
* Today we renewed exchange rate to 1 PFC = 3.8 Kh/s and it will grow constantly proportionally hashrate and its effectiveness.

Hash Profit Promo: Unique 55% discount

* Two big exchange services have plans on adding PFC within two weeks and that's will be start of ProfitCoin flying to the cryptocurrencies' Olympus.
* Right now bying hashrate for PFC you're getting them with 70% discount (counting on PFC exchange rate of 1 PFC = 0.00176 BTC).
* You can earn much easier now by just buying PFC today and selling it in one week, it's as simple as it could be!
* We're finishing developing selling hashrate for PFC feature and it will be available really soon.

Leadership program "HP > 500 000" is going to intended purpose successfully. Users number have exceeded 120 000 (+10000 in last week). Our site is taking 9 455th place (+590 in last week) worldwide by information from Alexa service. There are more than 60 000 unique visitors on Hash Profit site daily and growing.

Hash Profit Promo: Unique 55% discount

We've taken final decision to start mining using ASIC in the end of December. We're finalizing our two data centers based on Radeon 280X and when we reach 6 Gh/s (right now it's 4.7 Gh/s) we'll be able to sell ASIC hashrate with profits of 5 - 12% per month (which is really good, by the way and will be available thanks to SmartMining technology). Congratulations to all HP users with the winter and with they managed to walk into cryptocurrencies market and now are getting solid profits and developing cryptocurrencies market with us.

Hurry up and buy the most effective mining hashrate because their available value is getting to its end. You can't stop cryptocurrencies ascent, and if you'll be late and all in doubts - those who do will earn. You'll keep saying "I thought so", while others will walk to buy a new car, flat, house etc. Be the one who do!

Source: Hash Profit
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