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Hash Profit Promo: 130 000 Kh/s -50% (expires 13.12.2014). Selling Kh/s feature is available

Hash Profit > 130 000 users. Unique 50% discount would last till 13.12.2014, there are only 150 000 Kh/s available, hurry up and buy for the lowest price. (Actual discount 50%, with special promo code HPE091214 your discount goes up to 60%).

Selling Kh/s feature is now available for everyone since 2014-12-08. There are big amount of PFC/BTC exchanges on exchange services right now without active Hash Profit participation, which allows Hash Profit users to withdraw funds very quickly when needed. We've told before that we'll do our transition to ASIC mining in cooperation with BRAIN company. Unfortunately BRAIN could not keep needed conditions and supply values for successful cooperation with Hash Profit (maybe they just afraid of competitors). That's why we've decided to buy hardware from developers themselves and mining will be launched near the factory to reduce logistics costs. Please be careful when cooperating with BRAIN company since declared profits of their hardware is much less than payback threshold if we count difficult increase and constant going down of profits.

This effect could be avoided following these conditions:

* Using contract manufacturing (paying for ASIC produce cost + 25%, it's available when value of purchase is $2 - $3 millions)
* Adding contract clause with serious penalties for violation of the starting and supplying hardware term.
* Minimizing logistics costs, because time of the start is vital due to constant difficulty growing. Work for hardware launching is beginning before actual supply and the point of launch must be as close as possible to the development center.

With these factors followed we can get positive ROI using ASIC, which will be quite high - 140-170% with moderately negative forecast. Usually when buying from dealers with 2 - 3 months delay of supply return of investment could be, according to our numbers, 80-110%, which mean that for every $1000 invested you'll get $1100 in 6 months (with the best conditions possible). For example we can look on Bitcoin network difficulty changing in the last 3 months - it changed from 23 844 670 000 to 40 007 470 271. This means that ASIC you've bought in the end of summer, right now can show you profits only of 15%, not 30%, and if we count BTC exchange rate (which fell from $600 to $350) - we can get only 7-8%. And we mustn't forget about your time and electricity costs - and here's your 5%. Most of ASIC bought by users just stop getting profits in 2 months and can't even return its own cost. You can earn with ASIC if you'd sell them, because you can mine while you're selling and then sell them with extra cost. Most of users trying to return cost of ASIC simply losing 20-40% of their own funds and (as if it won't be enough) their time.

Scilled Hash Profit team considered all these factors, that's why hashrate provided by our company is one of the best options to invest to cryptocurrencies sphere.

1. ProfitCoin is growing, its market cap grew and now it's about $55 000
2. ProfitCoin price right now is about $0.91-1.03 for 1 PFC and will softly grow
3. Today we renewed exchange rate to 1 PFC = 4.4 Kh/s and it will grow constantly proportionally hashrate and its effectiveness.
4. Two big exchange services have plans on adding PFC within two weeks and that's will be start of ProfitCoin flying to the cryptocurrencies' Olympus.
5. PFC have advertizements on many popular crypto resources:

* Bitcoinist
* Coinchoose
* Coinwarz
* Bitmakler

6. Right now bying hashrate for PFC you're getting them with 70% discount (counting on current ProfitCoin exchange rate of 1 PFC = 0.00227 BTC), which making it more valuable.
7. You can earn much easier now by just buying PFC today and selling it in one week, it's as simple as it could be!
8. Selling Kh/s for PFC feature is now available.

Leadership program “HP > 500 000”. Users number have exceeded 129 000 (+9000 in last week). Our site is taking 9 013rd place (+442 in last week) worldwide by information from Alexa service. There are more than 90 000 unique visitors on Hash Profit site daily (this number has grown last week by 30 000) and growing.

Hash Profit Promo: 130 000 Kh/s -50% (expires 13.12.2014). Selling Kh/s feature is available

Hurry up and buy the most effective mining hashrate because their value is getting to its end - there are only 1 300 Mh/s available, we presume that they'd be sold in next two weeks, and after that only ASIC hashrate will be available, which have lesser profits (5-12%). You can't stop cryptocurrencies ascent, and if you'll be late and all in doubts - those who do will earn. You'll keep saying "I thought so", while others will walk to buy a new car, flat, house etc. Be the one who do!

Source: Hash Profit
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