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Hash Profit Promo: 150 000 Kh/s -54% (expires 19.12.2014). Microsoft accepting bitcoins and you're still waiting?

Hash Profit > 150 000 users. Unique 54% discount would last till 19.12.2014, there are only 150 000 Kh/s available, hurry up and buy for the lowest price. (Actual discount 54%, with special promo code HPE161214 your discount goes up to 64%).

Promo-code: HPE161214
Discount: total discount of 64%
Expires: 19.12.2014 22:59 (EET)
You can enter your promo-code on Buy Kh/s page.
There are only 150 000 Kh/s available with promo conditions.
1 PFC (ProfitCoin) is crediting for every 100 Kh/s of purchase when buying 100 Kh/s or more.
Discounts and special offers doesn't work when purchasing with ProfitCoins.

Finally one of the biggest companies in the world, IT giant Microsoft announces that they can accept Bitcoins as a payment from now on. This can tell us that Bitcoin expanding to the whole world moment is much closer now - and it means it will be more expensive.

HP company have reached 150 000 users point. Such fast growing is possible thanks to active advertisement company and high level of service which our company keep through all 2014.

ProfitCoin gains its popularity very fast, its exchange rate and market value growing constantly. In the last week its market value reached 50 - 60 BTC per day, and exchange rate right now is 1 PFC = 5.5 Kh/s. Let the traders keep the price of PFC around $1 - they can't keep it long, because playing against the market is like peeing against the wind - it's possible but not as good. Be fast and buy PFC with a low price of $1, it will be around $2 - $3 before the end of the year.

Urgently reminding that value of high effective hashpowers is becoming very low - there are less than 800 Mh/s left, and after that there will be only ASIC hashpowers available with 30 - 40% less profits.
Buy hashrate right now while it's most profitable.

Information about Hash Profit's work:

* invited more than 150 000 users
* made network of clients and partners of about 29 000 men
* opened legal entity on Cyprus
* organized effective work with more than 100 crypto resources
* expanded call-center and support to 20 employees
* launched 15 anonymous data centers with overall hashpower of more than 5 500 000 Kh/s

We've developed and launched:

* English version of site
* Partnership program
* Users' rating
* Promo codes system

1. ProfitCoin is growing, its market cap grew and now it's about $65 000
2. ProfitCoin price right now is about $0.93-1.50 for 1 PFC and will softly grow
3. Today we renewed exchange rate to 1 PFC = 5.5 Kh/s and it will grow constantly proportionally hashrate and its effectiveness.
4. Big exchange services are adding PFC and that's a start of ProfitCoin flying to the cryptocurrencies' Olympus.
5. PFC have advertizements on many popular crypto resources:

* Bitcoinist
* Coinchoose
* Coinwarz
* Bitmakler

6. Right now bying hashrate for PFC you're getting them with 70% discount (counting on current ProfitCoin exchange rate of 1 PFC = 0.00255 BTC), which making it more valuable.
7. You can earn much easier now by just buying PFC today and selling it in one week, it's as simple as it could be!
8. Selling Kh/s for PFC feature is now available, it's now easy to earn with exchange services!

Leadership program “HP > 500 000”. Users number have exceeded 150 000 (+20 000 in last week). Our site is taking 8 433rd place (+580 in last week) worldwide by information from Alexa service. There are more than 90 000 unique visitors on Hash Profit site daily and growing.

Hash Profit Promo: 150 000 Kh/s -54% (expires 19.12.2014). Microsoft accepting bitcoins and you're still waiting?

Hash Profit team wants to thank again all the users of our service for constant help and high confidence. We're doing our best for take lead positions in the world and help cryptocurrencies technologies to take deserved place in a world's economics.

Source: Hash Profit
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