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Hash Profit Promo: Holidays Discount 65% (expires 22.12.2014)

Hash Profit > 165 000 users. Unique 65% discount would last till 22.12.2014, there are only 100 000 Kh/s available, hurry up and buy for the lowest price. (actual discount 60%, with special promo code HPE201214 your discount goes up to 65%)

Promo-code: HPE201214
Discount: total discount of 65%
Expires: 22.12.2014 22:59 (EET)
You can enter your promo-code on Buy Kh/s page.
There are only 100 000 Kh/s available with promo conditions.
1 PFC (ProfitCoin) is crediting for every 100 Kh/s of purchase when buying 100 Kh/s of SmartMining hashrate or more.
Discounts and special offers doesn't work when purchasing with ProfitCoins.

Our partners (exchange services, investors, traders etc.) have bought today more than 300 000 PFC with total sum of more than 1000 BTC ($320 000). Exchange rate grew up by 40% and right now is 1 PFC = 7.2 Kh/s. You can see it by yourself on the biggest resource wathcing for the market caps and total volumes of cryptocurrencies - Coin Market Cap.

We believe PFC would be in top-30 of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the world and will have cost of $2 - $3, it's market cap will be more than $5 000 000. You wasn't fast enough to buy cheap Bitcoin? Hurry up and buy ProfitCoin, tomorrow it will cost you a fortune!

We're beginning final sale of high effective hashpowers SmartMining with 60% of discount (and if you'll use promo code HPE201214 - it will increase to 65%).

Only ASIC hashpowers will be available later. It's efficiency is lower by 30 - 40%. There are only 600 000 Kh/s of SmartMining hashrate left and maybe it's your last chance in this year to get serious profits and stop worrying about dimes and start to think about calm secure present and future.

Just think about it - we're more than 165 000, it's like a city! We're working through all the world and this means we'll advertise our service and currency easily, because we're bringing profit and efficiency!

Source: Hash Profit
Comment #1: 3 February 2015 08:16
Has HashProfit CLOSED?


English via google translate
Disbursed. Begin active pest control!

Payments are made as promised control of the site, but now all users with a significant amount of capacity will not receive payment until such time has not yet provided information about all users that are active in order to destroy the organizational structure of the service. If you know of such persons, please inform their contact details to the E-mail and they will be banned forever. Also in the case of confirmation of data with these people will work. For providing reliable data about the actions of users and organizing work to discredit the service, you will be paid a fee of 0.05 to 0,5 BTC and resumed regular payments a high priority and profitability.

All users who show patience and prudence will be rewarded.

The team working on a new service permitted in the territory of the Russian Federation project using profits accumulated over the past few years, and there are already good results.

Set the following priorities and limitations of payment:

The first priority of payments get users residing in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Payments will be carried out at least 1 time in 14 days, and if there are good opportunities - every 7 days.
Thank you for your support and understanding.

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