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Our mission is to ensure bitcoiners can choose the most profitable cloud mining solution which fits their risk tolerance, budget and bitcoin earning goals.

The Cloud Mining Monitor (CMM) team is also committed to ensuring cloud mining reviews are constantly updated with the latest information which could impact enthusiasts looking to buy hashing power on these Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin cloud mining platforms.

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Last update: 2016.06.27
  • Мinimum hashrate:  50 GHs
  • Payouts:  Manual   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitored from:  28.12.2014
  • Monitored (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.14480000 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  100 GHs
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %
  • Price per 1 GH/s: 0.00154000 BTC
  • About TeraBox

    TeraBox has a powerful network of ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) powered computers specifically designed to mine bitcoins. The power those machines generate is used to solve blocks which in turn will reward you with bitcoins. The power generated to be able to mine bitcoins is called “Hashing Power”. We sell hashing power in the form of bitcoin mining contracts which are measured in Gigahashes per second(GH/s). The more GH/s you purchase the more bitcoins you will be able to mine.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2014.12.28 = 0.14480000 BTC
    2014.12.28 0.14480000 BTC Hashrate 100 GHs

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2015.02.09 = 0.03939600 BTC
    2015.02.09 0.00800400 Mine (100 GHs)
    2015.02.02 0.00800400 Mine (100 GHs)
    2015.01.26 0.00758600 Mine (100 GHs)
    2015.01.19 0.00758600 Mine (100 GHs)
    2015.01.12 0.00821600 Mine (100 GHs)
Comment #1: 31 December 2014 18:58
Claim your free 100 ghs trial now! To receive payout from free trial contract you have to purchase a mining contract...
Comment #2: 5 January 2015 21:55
looks like another Hashprofit Ponzi scam AVOID AVOID AVOID
Comment #3: 12 January 2015 04:51
CM Monitor,

Saw the last update was over a week ago January the 5th. Today is the 12th so I was wondering whether you got paid or not.
If what I am reading is correct, you are still waiting for payment. IMHO payments shouldn't take longer than a day, if it is longer,
well I guess you could consider some sort of shady business if not scam. So I would like some clarity on that, since when have
you started mining there, and what are the results. Have you requested payment yet, or are you waiting for an amount that's
elligeable for payment. Hope to see an update soon.


Comment #4: 12 January 2015 13:15
EZminerZ, we expect weekly payment from TeraBox.
Comment #5: 16 February 2015 12:03
Seems like their ponzi scam is falling apart...
Impossible to do manual withdraw " an unexpected error occurred, contact support" is all I get.
Their support will not reply.
Comment #6: 16 February 2015 12:19
RubberMan, yes, we know about these problems...
Comment #7: 25 February 2015 20:44 is a HUGE SCAM BEWARE!!! Lost 3.4 BTC to this A-hole.... Possibly just reborn....
Comment #8: 27 February 2015 21:26
I cannot withdraw from Terabox. During last weeks I sent two messages to support and no feedback from them.
Comment #9: 3 March 2015 13:45
This cloud mining is absolutely SCAM beware ...
Comment #10: 16 March 2015 00:21
Defenite SCAM.
No payout.
No support.
WHOIS says "", to better hide his identity.
Comment #11: 28 March 2015 11:57
Do not trust these persons they are overpriced and your money is gone
I tried to withdraw the sold ghs because i saw the negative post here and the dreaded there is an error with your payout appears as mentioned on forums
Ofcourse no answer from the so called support
Comment #12: 2 April 2015 06:25
Same thing for me....!!

Is there anybody who feel having a solution for withdrawal ? It's could be nice ;)

Or if someone has feedback from support it would be nice too.

Saw in some latest forum that six month ago it was paying and after no, alternatively. The company is too specialized in hard drive under a sample name wich is as similar. That other company is well reputed...
So don't understand why they waste terabox under company.
I am working with another cloud company, witch one is paying, but since some monthes about 10th of the hashing power.
I have spent for now as many money in such companies and wonder to know if it is a very good business. I know that BTC price is fluctuating behind the difficulty, and you have to reinvest regularely to keep your average paying but Two time scam or similar make me out of thinking....

Is there someone on the same situation?

Comment #13: 11 April 2015 21:38
I signed up with Terabox in January 2015. They sent out two payments then stopped at the end of January.

I am now trying to shut them down. Since they will not make payments to me, I am using my earned BTC to drop off 500 GHs from their site each week. I hope others will join to bring them to 0 GHs for sale.
Comment #14: 17 April 2015 05:06
I'm with you guys..I've been signed up with them since January. I've sent countless support tickets. NOTHING. I stopped all mining and have .16BTC just sitting in there.
Comment #15: 9 May 2015 02:57
not payed ...scam ...scam is a scam site
Comment #16: 13 May 2015 18:38
shit i didn't see the information first before i deposite to terabox.. :'(
I can't WD my balance ACCOUNT BALANCE
0.00103174 BTC :'( i'm first time try to mining but i get scam site.. :'( anyone can help me to get some BTC and buy some KHS in i don't have BTC againt right now :'(
Comment #17: 20 June 2015 08:41
Quote: CM Monitor
Claim your free 100 ghs trial now! To receive payout from free trial contract you have to purchase a mining contract...
Comment #18: 18 July 2015 22:05
Seems like they hiding behind Privacy Inc. But it is possible to close down these scamsters anyway.

Domain ID:D13198829-ME
Domain Name:TERABOX.ME
Domain Create Date:14-Aug-2014 13:32:01 UTC
Domain Last Updated Date:15-Nov-2014 09:55:07 UTC
Domain Expiration Date:14-Aug-2015 13:32:01 UTC
Last Transferred Date:
Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. R99-ME (69)
Created by:Tucows Inc. R99-ME (69)
Last Updated by Registrar:Tucows Inc. R99-ME (69)
Domain Status:OK
Registrant ID:tuyRmULmVl1HCth1
Registrant Name:Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0138216515
Registrant Organization:Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0138216515
Registrant Address:96 Mowat Ave
Registrant Address2:
Registrant Address3:
Registrant City:Toronto
Registrant State/Province:ON
Registrant Country/Economy:CA
Registrant Postal Code:M6K 3M1
Registrant Phone:+1.4165385457
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:tuyRmULmVl1HCth1
Admin Name:Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0138216515
Admin Organization:Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0138216515
Admin Address:96 Mowat Ave
Admin Address2:
Admin Address3:
Admin City:Toronto
Admin State/Province:ON
Admin Country/Economy:CA
Admin Postal Code:M6K 3M1
Admin Phone:+1.4165385457
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:tuyRmULmVl1HCth1
Tech Name:Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0138216515
Tech Organization:Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0138216515
Tech Address:96 Mowat Ave
Tech Address2:
Tech Address3:
Tech City:Toronto
Tech State/Province:ON
Tech Country/Economy:CA
Tech Postal Code:M6K 3M1
Tech Phone:+1.4165385457
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:

So we all should report these scamsters to the following:8 Abuse.. To report abuse of a domain name using the Contact Privacy Inc. service, or to report infringements of rights of trademarks or other rights of third parties, please contact

75 Abuse.. To report abuse of a domain name using the Contact Privacy Inc. service, or to report infringements of rights of trademarks or other rights of third parties, please contact

I have now reported them as investment scam to and I recomend that you all do the same so they get shut down.
Comment #19: 17 August 2015 14:36 is a big cheat. Dont trust this site. he has cheated me to the extent of 0.0045 btc.
Comment #20: 28 November 2015 06:14
I have complained to Comodo about and let them know about the issues people are having since there SSL cert was suppose to expire Dec 15 2015. Comodo ignored my emails and has issued a new SSL cert. I have also complained to my virus scanner which give the site a green light.
Is anyone looking into a class action lawsuit?
Can Comodo, Virus Scanners etc be held liable in addition to
Comment #21: 2 December 2015 22:47
I guess I just got scammed. Buyer beware - withdrawals do not work at
Comment #22: 20 December 2015 04:35
The owners are Gabriel Kleiman and Esteban Amador Soto Martinez I saw somewhere-address London.
Comment #23: 22 December 2015 21:28
Heh, Found a little bug to make it easy for me to run them into the ground...
Vouchers, when claiming them, can be spam-clicked, giving many more than normal.
Comment #24: 15 March 2016 22:40
hmmm started using Terabox in dec2015 so far they paid me back to my terrabox account so i thought cool i'll get some more GHS, then i stumbled onto this forum and learned they don't pay

They not posted anything to there twitter account since 2014.
and there FAQ is a load of crap saying, 'if you save a wallet in the wallet address section each week,month you will be paid too that wallet'

Do they pay NOPE they put all ya BT into ya Tera storage account.

So Started selling my GHS got 2 more contracts to sell but can't trash em for another 66 days.

600GHS ughhh. lot of BT to be lost plus what am gotta get mined with that.

They need to be shut down

Ignoring all support ticket emails as well.
Comment #25: 17 May 2016 07:38 This site u can trusted, everyday u can get payments.
Comment #26: 22 June 2016 17:30 just sent me a promo code PROMO36 by email premium 36% discount limited for 3 days. I will not use it
Comment #27: 24 June 2016 05:28
If it looks like a scam it is scam.
Thanks to all, I'll ignore this site.
Comment #28: 25 August 2017 02:19
I Spammed their support and Now i get the following:

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