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Nexus Mining Review

Nexus Mining Review

Nexus Mining is registered in Canada and their two mining farms are located in Europe and according to their website they will soon open a new one in North America. They are obviously unable to forecast future earnings, but they do try to give you some statistics you can start with: there are 3 graphs on their Pricing page showing past earnings and other trends.

Nexus accepts Credit Cards, bank wires in US Dollar or Euro, as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin payments. You may also mine these coins and some other SHA 256 based currencies and it is possible to allocate your hashpower between them as you wish.

The payment process is very easy. You can start mining as soon as they received your payment in both the cases of crypto payment and bank wire. If you are someone new in the World of Cloud Mining, Nexus offers you a great deal: you can start with only 24.95 dollars and see how it works for 10 days, if you aren’t happy, the company gives your money back!

However, this money back guarantee is especially good for the bigger investors, as they can easily change their mind if they don’t like the results. This way, there is no risk in trying out the service. Quite a bold action from Nexus, we like!

You can also just sign up first and look around on your personal dashboard. The charts are empty, but after your payment has been made and you start mining, they immediately come alive! A nice and simple design enables you to easily track your upgrades and earnings.

Overall the design is really nice and very user friendly.

Their support resides in 3 different countries and are available for any questions and respond fairly quickly.
And last but not least, the miners of Nexus run on 100% Green energy, which is a huge plus!
So our opinion is that Nexus Mining is a very sympathetic company, especially when we remember the 10 days lasting safety net for those who would happen to change their minds.

User friendliness?

+ Fast, easy and free signup
+ Reliable support
+ Investments as low as 1 KHS
+10 days money back guarantee
+ 100% Green energy
+ Credit card
+ Paypal payments soon available

Website functionality?

+ User friendly dashboard with great design
+ Referral system
+ Option to sell your hashpower


+ Street address / phone number of their business on website
– Provides pictures of hardware upon request


+ Flexible pricing for every budget
+ 10 days money back guarantee


Comment #1: 18 September 2015 15:50

They just stole 0.441 BTC from me.

I sent this amount and the balance was never confirmed.

The identifier is e74f990b94f83305d41c3c72601ff80a4a0727dd26af7ddcf6d4bf994f00d17a

Comment #2: 20 October 2015 17:49
I paid for the 1Ths products and never received hash power. So, be careful, it not serious company.
Comment #3: 29 October 2015 09:01
Scam,i buy hush power but until now not get that hush power
Comment #4: 31 December 2015 06:20
Same here, they just stole my money. They were very much trying to copy the legit website.
Comment #5: 18 January 2016 13:37
Truly Scam, they wont reimburse my funds and have deleted my account
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