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Our mission is to ensure bitcoiners can choose the most profitable cloud mining solution which fits their risk tolerance, budget and bitcoin earning goals.

The Cloud Mining Monitor (CMM) team is also committed to ensuring cloud mining reviews are constantly updated with the latest information which could impact enthusiasts looking to buy hashing power on these Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin cloud mining platforms.

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BtccPools (15 KH/s FREE)

BtccPools (15 KH/s FREE)
Last update: 2016.08.05
  • Мinimum hashrate:  35 KH/s
  • Payouts:  Automatic   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitoring from:  Not monitored
  • Monitoring (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.00 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  ---
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %
    Price - 30 ¢ = KH/s
    Minimum 35 KH/s to 3000 Kh/s
    Repayment Approx 3 month

    Price - 25 ¢ = KH/s
    Minimum 3001 KH/s to 6500 Kh/s
    Repayment Approx 2.5 month

    Price - 21 ¢ = KH/s
    Minimum 6501 KH/s to 56000 Kh/s
    Repayment Approx 2 month

    BTCC Pools Recommend user to start with ECONOMY Package. But If not possible then you can start with STARTER Package. And if you want to earn more profit then you can go with PREMIUM Package.
  • BTCC was original founded as BTC China in June 2011. BTCC plays a leading role in every segment of the bitcoin ecosystem, offering a digital currency exchange, a mining pool, payment processing, consumer wallets, and blockchain engraving. It is the longest-running and one of the largest bitcoin exchanges worldwide. The diverse products and services BTCC offers allow its customers to engage in all aspects of the digital currency spectrum in one integrated platform. Its mission is to provide the all world with the most convenient and trustworthy digital currency services.

    Its necessary to create an account using your email address. Then you should check your email and log on by using the received data. As soon as you enter the site you get 15 Kh/s and your mining starts. You can control the statistics of earned crypto-currency every day on the Transaction page.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: ----.--.-- = 0.00 BTC
    ----.--.-- 0.00 ----------

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: ----.--.-- = 0.00 BTC
    ----.--.-- 0.00 ----------
  • As soon as you enter the site you get free 15 Kh/s and your mining starts.
Comment #1: 29 June 2016 20:58
Very strange, I signed up yesterday, but did not receive an e-mail yet. Yes, I did check spam folder.... nothing : \
Comment #2: 30 June 2016 09:49
the activation e-mail is sending no problems with aktivation
Comment #3: 1 July 2016 23:02
I registered in this website today made un order for 100 power and paid but the order status stay unpaid. Send a mail to support but no answer. So stay away from all this bullshit cloud mining SCAM shit websites.

all fixed ;)
Comment #4: 2 July 2016 05:45
It did take about two hours to get my mining power activated, but it works now. For more info (coming soon) check my youtube channel, search for "red baron mining".
Comment #5: 10 July 2016 19:39
Today i received my first payout, it takes few hours after my withdrawal request to receive the BTC in my wallet.
For now everything works fine.

Your withdrawal request has been accepted. Your funds is transfered in your Bitcoin wallet.

Withdrawal Amount : 0.005500000 BTC

Current Balance : 0.0000718408 BTC

Comment #6: 11 July 2016 14:07
Site still works very well.
Check my youtube channel "red baron mining" for more info.
Comment #7: 27 July 2016 09:53
This is scam. Site looks very promising at first look but when i dig in dipper its all fake.
visit this link :
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