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Our mission is to ensure bitcoiners can choose the most profitable cloud mining solution which fits their risk tolerance, budget and bitcoin earning goals.

The Cloud Mining Monitor (CMM) team is also committed to ensuring cloud mining reviews are constantly updated with the latest information which could impact enthusiasts looking to buy hashing power on these Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin cloud mining platforms.

We will constantly be adding more cloud mining reviews as we discover new cloud mining services.

xMine (BTC)

xMine (BTC)
Last update: 2016.09.14
  • Мinimum hashrate:  no minimum
  • Payouts:  Manual   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitored from:  28.06.2016
  • Monitored (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.08000000 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  500 XCloud
  • Our rating:
  • 5
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %
  • XCLOUD Price: $0.1
  • Revolutionary cloud mining platform

    The more Xcloud you have Xcloud, the higher is your rank, the higher benefits you get from mining. You can observe the speed of getting each currency in the "Statistics" tab, there you can also anticipate your income in our system.

    You can easily registrate and have a possibility to get presents from Xmine:

    - 10 Xcloud is the bonus for registration
    - Bonus for login is up to 1 Bitcoin
    - Participate in auction from Xmine

    Available mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2016.06.28 = 0.08000000 BTC
    2016.06.28 0.08000000 BTC 500 XCloud

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2016.09.08 = 0.08999000 BTC
    2016.09.08 0.00126000 Withdraw
    2016.09.07 0.00198000 Withdraw
    2016.09.05 0.00128000 Withdraw
    2016.09.04 0.00129000 Withdraw
    2016.09.03 0.00133000 Withdraw
    2016.09.02 0.00153000 Withdraw
    2016.09.01 0.00153000 Withdraw
    2016.08.31 0.00205000 Withdraw
    2016.08.29 0.00138000 Withdraw
    2016.08.28 0.00136000 Withdraw
    2016.08.27 0.00126000 Withdraw
    2016.08.26 0.00132000 Withdraw
    2016.08.25 0.00130000 Withdraw
    2016.08.24 0.00132000 Withdraw
    2016.08.23 0.00136000 Withdraw
    2016.08.22 0.00131000 Withdraw
    2016.08.21 0.00169000 Withdraw
    2016.08.20 0.00145000 Withdraw
    2016.08.19 0.00126000 Withdraw
    2016.08.18 0.00214000 Withdraw
    2016.08.16 0.00272000 Withdraw
    2016.08.14 0.00126000 Withdraw
    2016.08.13 0.00156000 Withdraw
    2016.08.12 0.00152000 Withdraw
    2016.08.11 0.00139000 Withdraw
    2016.08.10 0.00127000 Withdraw
    2016.08.09 0.00139000 Withdraw
    2016.08.08 0.00132000 Withdraw
    2016.08.07 0.00125000 Withdraw
    2016.08.06 0.00117000 Withdraw
    2016.08.05 0.00153000 Withdraw
    2016.08.04 0.00139000 Withdraw
    2016.08.03 0.00120000 Withdraw
    2016.08.02 0.00157000 Withdraw
    2016.08.01 0.00179000 Withdraw
    2016.07.30 0.00125000 Withdraw
    2016.07.29 0.00225000 Withdraw
    2016.07.27 0.00130000 Withdraw
    2016.07.26 0.00152000 Withdraw
    2016.07.25 0.00192000 Withdraw
    2016.07.23 0.00119000 Withdraw
    2016.07.22 0.00122000 Withdraw
    2016.07.21 0.00122000 Withdraw
    2016.07.20 0.00129000 Withdraw
    2016.07.19 0.00142000 Withdraw
    2016.07.18 0.00102000 Withdraw
    2016.07.17 0.00106000 Withdraw
    2016.07.16 0.00113000 Withdraw
    2016.07.15 0.00131000 Withdraw
    2016.07.14 0.00136000 Withdraw
    2016.07.13 0.00100000 Withdraw
    2016.07.12 0.00145000 Withdraw
    2016.07.11 0.00114000 Withdraw
    2016.07.10 0.00120000 Withdraw
    2016.07.09 0.00125000 Withdraw
    2016.07.08 0.00176000 Withdraw
    2016.07.07 0.00100000 Withdraw
    2016.07.06 0.00100000 Withdraw
    2016.07.05 0.00200000 Withdraw
    2016.07.03 0.00200000 Withdraw
    2016.07.02 0.00100000 Withdraw
    2016.07.01 0.00100000 Withdraw
    2016.06.30 0.00100000 Withdraw
    2016.06.29 0.00100000 Withdraw
Comment #1: 29 June 2016 04:54
This one seems to be really new, so i figured I'd give it a try. I put in $10 to start. It's by far the most visually pleasing for sure, with it showing you how many of each currency that you're making in real time. You're welcome to mine many different currency's, including the auto investment into it's own powers, no need to log in in order to reinvest daily/weekly/etc. There are also prizes on a regular basis, as long as you log in and open it. Prizes come more often with the larger the investment.

Time will tell how well the site works. with a $10 buy in, it should take me about 4 days for my first 0.001 BTC payout.

Anyone want to try it with me?****
Comment #2: 29 June 2016 19:48
Interial support ticket system looks good!
I have my first ticket opened just for try out.

Quote: Spikepire
Interial support ticket system looks good!
I have my first ticket opened just for try out.

Support ticket answered in a few minutes!Im hoping this will be trustable
Comment #3: 3 July 2016 19:51
This is TopMine! Clone as fu*k! Didn't even bothered to change that russian "menu"! I've lost some money with them. Do not trust people, do not trust!!!! Same thing, different name! Greedy motherf*ckers, didn't get long for them to comeback for more!
Comment #4: 4 July 2016 14:46
Yesterday i got x01 from present
How to use it
Comment #5: 11 July 2016 02:29
I counted your payments and you are roi and so where you on topmine so you did not loose money. Or are your payouts numbers wrong?
Comment #6: 11 July 2016 03:01
Our investment in XMine is 0.08000000 BTC. Currently return amount (payouts) is 0.01421000 BTC. As a result ratio is 17.76 percent. For 100% Roi we need 82.24% of return... ~ 0.06579 BTC.
Comment #7: 13 July 2016 16:44
How to withdraw westog2,

Quote: CM Monitor
Our investment in XMine is 0.08000000 BTC. Currently return amount (payouts) is 0.01421000 BTC. As a result ratio is 17.76 percent. For 100% Roi we need 82.24% of return... ~ 0.06579 BTC.

How to withdraw
Comment #8: 13 July 2016 17:47
Financial transactions -> Output
Comment #9: 16 July 2016 01:08
perfect service, instant withdrawals, very interesting roi: I'm very satisfied, thank you!
Comment #10: 20 July 2016 15:27
yana jigong,
If its xcloud earned on the wheel of fortune then you don't need to do nothing to activate it, it just auto-adds to the total power.
Comment #11: 29 July 2016 18:44
I can not login today.
It said that "I'm sorry, but you are banned".
I can not login after I restored my password.

Quote: s103ta
I can not login today.
It said that "I'm sorry, but you are banned".
I can not login after I restored my password.

The support said that "You have a multiaccount system. All your accounts are banned. Beware of registration more than 1 account in future".
Comment #12: 6 August 2016 21:37
I can't make deposit from my blockchain directly. How can I do? Just copy and send into the bitcoin address? By the way, how can I receive the ROI? I can't put my Bitcoin address either. Please tell us.
Comment #13: 31 August 2016 02:53
Did anyone know
how to reset a secret phrase?
Comment #14: 31 August 2016 04:24
yana jigong,

Try asking the support
Comment #15: 1 September 2016 11:28
After some weeks of regular payments, from this monday I can not more login in Xmine, the site says "Sorry, you are banned!".
I wrote twice to support, with no answer.
So that, it seems that I have lost my money: no access, no withdraw.
Take care
Comment #16: 1 September 2016 18:00
xMine 100% ROI is 65 Days.
Comment #17: 4 September 2016 12:44
only on this site this is fake, I try geristreren but succeeds for shit all data ingevult press on the button nothing happens press more times says the wrong captha code and all data items you can get back all over again do well if so should I do not like those childish games this is just a big scam site I rely here on a meter

fucking not trust this site
Comment #18: 9 September 2016 16:12
Cant cashout since this monrning :\
Comment #19: 10 September 2016 15:38
After some weeks of regular payments, from this monday I can no more login in to Xmine, the site says "Sorry, you are banned!" I think it's the beginning of scaming....scammmmmm
Comment #20: 12 September 2016 19:05
More than 2 days Xmine stop making payments. No support answer anymore. Be careful
Comment #21: 13 September 2016 03:41
is this stopped with paying, i starting to think there is no valid cloud mining, only scammers what a fucked up world it is. only about the stupid money!!! till the bomb drop. GOD should be proud with a race as the human!!!

i also start cloud mining under the name LIST and BETRAYAL
Comment #22: 13 September 2016 13:45
ITS A SCAM!!!! Before they started Xmine they had a site called Then suddenly Scurmrr stoped working and everyones investment was gone.. 1day after the domain forwarded to Xmines site. The consept is the same.. you cant send support messages, No information about the equipment or the company.. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST IN THIS KIND OF SITES!! IM NOT JOKING THEY WILL ALSO CLOSE THIS DOWN AND TAKE ALL YOUR BITCOINS!!
Comment #23: 14 September 2016 12:15
Looks like they have run away. Site is no longer loading.
Comment #24: 14 September 2016 19:17
Thats ok, the authorities are on them now.........;)
Comment #25: Today, 04:54
Hey where can I read: Unbiased Report Exposes the Unanswered Questions on Celebrity Gossip ?
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