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BiteMiner (15 KH/s FREE)

BiteMiner (15 KH/s FREE)
Last update: 2016.12.22
  • Мinimum hashrate:  20 KH/s
  • Payouts:  Automatic   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitoring from:  Not monitored
  • Monitoring (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.00 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  ---
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %
  • Power from 20 KH/s - Price (per 1 KH/s): $0.31
    Power from 700 KH/s - Price (per 1 KH/s): $0.29
    Power from 1400 KH/s - Price (per 1 KH/s): $0.27
    Power from 2800 KH/s - Price (per 1 KH/s): $0.25
    Power from 5600 KH/s - Price (per 1 KH/s): $0.23
  • First of all you have to create an account using your email address. Then you should check your mail address and get temporary password through that you can login and change it. As soon as you enter site you get 15 Kh/s power for free and your mining can contol the statistics of earned income and all the things in Dashboard and Transaction page. If you like the productivity og our service you can purchase more power from the Buy page.

    Our mining data centers are located at 2 secure places. San Francisco & Singapore.

    We are using video cards to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies together. While, the video card measures that power in KH/s. So, we are following their algorithm of KH/s to measure our total purchased powers in KH.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: ----.--.-- = 0.00 BTC
    ----.--.-- 0.00 ----------

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: ----.--.-- = 0.00 BTC
    ----.--.-- 0.00 ----------
Comment #1: 1 July 2016 01:18
This site isn't giving me the warm and fuzzies at the moment. They accepted my ~0.001 BTC payment with no problem, and I received my 20 kh/s as expected. After 4 days, I received two .0005 BTC payments, I decided to invest an additional ~.128 BTC payment for an additional 250kh/s. As of this writing, and almost 24 hours after the payment, they have "Received" my payment, but the have yet to credit me my mining powers.

I have sent them two emails and have not received any info back. I will update this post when I have more information.
Comment #2: 1 July 2016 01:57
It works very well for me so far. I am thinking on investing huge with them (1 BTC+).
They had some problems getting mails to my address, too, though.

Keep us posted if you hear any updates...
Comment #3: 1 July 2016 12:39
In one case/payment I have the same problem. Another problem is that I sent 0,4 BTC to and the money is gone. They not received it! I don't know why! Nobody knows where is the money! Somewhere in the Internet!?!?!

Quote: Piotr Dylewicz
My problem is that I sent 0,4 BTC to and the money is gone.
They not received it! I don't know why! Nobody knows where is the money! Somewhere in the Internet!?!?!

Unfortunatelly, it seems that no matter how much I pay for power, maybe even $ 1,000, and still I get ONLY 20KH/s.
They have to fixed it AND ADD CORRECT POWER.
Comment #4: 2 July 2016 05:44
I received my third payment now, everything works pretty well.
I will upload videos about biteminer and other cloudmining on youtube, just search for "red baron mining".
If anything extraordinary happens I will post here, too.
Comment #5: 4 July 2016 04:59
Guys is down right now.
Comment #6: 4 July 2016 15:58
Esteban Vargas Bermudez,
Yeah, they say they have been under high ddos attacks. Went offline yesterday and the day before yesterday, too, but always came back online again. Let's hope they will be back soon again. I did receive my payout for today!
Comment #7: 4 July 2016 18:35
After working with them for a few days I was able to resolve my payment issue. The site has been down randomly over the past few day's. Not sure what's going on there...
Comment #8: 5 July 2016 18:45
This site works fine, i get payout every day !

my favorite sites are sky-hash , hashstorm and biteminer.

they all pay out automatically, which is much better than manual withdrawals .....
Comment #9: 6 July 2016 07:15
They keep changing hosting site.. i can see it in their ip address keep changing when they down.. I notice that they got blocked from one of VPS hosting due to violation.
Comment #10: 8 July 2016 12:16
i receive daily pacouts - works fine !!!
Comment #11: 20 July 2016 10:15
got my DAILY Payout (automatic) every day at the same time ... TOP !!!
Comment #12: 21 July 2016 16:20
This is one of the best cloud mining sites, everything works automatically.

Daily payout to my bitcoin adress, every day @ 07:05 ....

Comment #13: 25 July 2016 16:14
They seem pretty solid indeed.
Check my youtube channel, just search "red baron cloud mining" for updates on different programs that are not listed here.
Comment #14: 3 August 2016 11:45

ist this the new hashocean? hope it also works for 2 years
Comment #15: 5 August 2016 22:50
alredy got nearly 40% of my investment back - end of sept is ROI
Comment #16: 6 August 2016 18:12
I have received repayment fairly so far. I have invested for 405 KHs already. I also can contact them through email when they tried to fix 2Factor Authentication from google. I hope they should run for years while some are criticizing as Hashocean.
Comment #17: 3 September 2016 22:40
westog2, just perfect investment solution ,
They are always support in email and always make payment daily,
I think they will be rock
Comment #18: 7 September 2016 18:27
We cannot measure as ponzi
i have invested in and get always payment on time daily bases
They always help and reply at
it will be rock
my rate 10/10
Comment #19: 10 September 2016 22:55
Why u say not paying????

Comment #20: 10 September 2016 23:14
Quote: Peter
Why u say not paying????


We know about these "payings". Support don't respond to our questions, some users don't have any accruals from August 27 etc. BIG RED FLAG for Biteminer.
Comment #21: 13 September 2016 18:59 is paying regular basis , please don't say a lie against them.
I think is the best mining company in the world.
Thanks and best wishes to you
Comment #22: 13 September 2016 19:12
maybe for you is paying, but not for all users. We have a proof and therefore status is NOT PAYING.

Comment #23: 18 September 2016 19:06
Hello, are currenly apying as usual,
Proof :
Why your status is not paying ?

I see some of user did not purchase additional purchase power and ask for payment,how they payment for free power?
They clearly tell in FAQ free power only enable on additional purchase,

Please change status of biteminer,
Its good cloud mining company

And advise you cmmonitor to invest 6$ and give clear monitor to user,

Thank you
Comment #24: 20 September 2016 14:32
Piotr Dylewicz,

make support to

Thank you.

Currently paying to all the users,

If you not getting payout then you have to send mail to

And if you want to do payout without investment then how they do ?

Free bonus power is just on additional purchase of minimum of 20kh/s purchase power,

I request to cmmonitor to check and change the status to "PAYING"

Thank you.
Comment #25: 20 September 2016 14:49
biteminer, paying NOT to all the users.


Our two messages to with no answer up to today. First message from September 4, 2016 and next message from September 13, 2016. Subjects "No accruals from 27.08.2016". Find them and read ...
Comment #26: 21 September 2016 20:20
Dear all,
I have received the repayment regularly. I would like to say a big thanks to Biteminer.
Please buy from small power and increase after you have earned little by little as I did.
Comment #27: 22 September 2016 16:53
CM Monitor,

Hello dear user,
Please check your account
Your account was just locked due to late additional purchase of power,

And we not reply your mail because our mail service provider find your mail as SPAM,


please contact if there is still any problem,

Thank you.
Comment #28: 25 September 2016 09:50
Daly automatic paying

Comment #29: 6 October 2016 15:22
But is secure for investment ?
Comment #30: 22 October 2016 13:49
i have invested half BTC but from last 3 days i have not recieved frofit . admin is not answering my
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