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About CM Monitor
Our mission is to ensure bitcoiners can choose the most profitable cloud mining solution which fits their risk tolerance, budget and bitcoin earning goals.

The Cloud Mining Monitor (CMM) team is also committed to ensuring cloud mining reviews are constantly updated with the latest information which could impact enthusiasts looking to buy hashing power on these Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin cloud mining platforms.

We will constantly be adding more cloud mining reviews as we discover new cloud mining services.


Last update: 2016.08.05
  • Мinimum hashrate:  0.00 GH/s
  • Payouts:  Manual   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitoring from:  Not monitored
  • Monitoring (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.00 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  ---
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %
  • Price of 1 MH/s: $9.00
  • We are pleased to present our customers a modern and robust program of investment in cloud mining technology.

    Equipment starts working for you immediately after the payment. The first payout you will get during the next payment run.

    There is no time limit, no expiry date. Use our system for however long you would like. View all mining related information in real-time, at any point from any location.

    Our ability to combine high-tech and maximum effective production cryptocurrency, based on the 4 year experience in mining and stock trading.

    Available mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Reddcoin and Ethereum.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: ----.--.-- = 0.00 BTC
    ----.--.-- 0.00 ----------

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: ----.--.-- = 0.00 BTC
    ----.--.-- 0.00 ----------
  • 1000 DOGE free. No credit card required.

    Minimum deposit 0.0005 BTC, 0.005 LTC, 10 DOGE
    Min. Withdraw: 0.001 BTC, 0.4 LTC, 3000 DOGE, 15000 RDD, 1 ETH
Comment #1: 3 July 2016 17:33
Just added 2 webcam views of their server room.
Comment #2: 4 July 2016 21:52
I can't log in, support click takes you to login again. Any one help?
Comment #3: 4 July 2016 23:38
it have the same webcam that sea-mining.... hummmm
Comment #4: 5 July 2016 19:28
I would just be careful as they are created all as a sudden and also gone that way, I think it is a quite difficult time at the moment...
Comment #5: 7 July 2016 13:19
Fake mining
Comment #6: 23 July 2016 11:22
A withdraw request has been pending from yesterday...
Comment #7: 24 July 2016 18:27
The support chat has been offline.
My withdraw request has been pending.
They will not be online, and this site will be scam...
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