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Flying BTC (150 KH/s Free Bonus)

Flying BTC (150 KH/s Free Bonus)
Last update: 2016.10.08
  • Мinimum hashrate:  151.00 KH/s
  • Payouts:  Automatic   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitored from:  20.07.2016
  • Monitored (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.07916800 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  160 KHs
  • Our rating:
  • 5
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %

  • # Package Power Price 1 KH/s
    1 Package 1 from 150 KH/s $0.33
    2 Package 2 from 900 KH/s $0.31
    3 Package 3 from 1800 KH/s $0.29
    4 Package 4 from 7200 KH/s $0.27
    5 Package 5 from 16200 KH/s $0.25
    6 Package 6 from 21600 KH/s $0.23
  • Flying BTC is reliable and risk free investment program. Company was founded back in September 2013. We have developed not only an innovation of mining algorithms, but also use the best and ergonomic equipment with its unique architecture. We offer guaranteed profit, full security and confidentiality.

    As the company grew new mining farms were built up and several additional people hired, specifically programmers and engineers. Our team of professionals provides a thorough analysis of volatile currencies and selects the most favorable conditions for investment. Also we invest in data centers, for generating cryptocurrency, which is called mining.

    We provide top class site security with a SSL for the protection of your account. Forget about any risks and possibility of losing your money. Open an account, and watch the growth of your investment. Do whatever you love, while your profit will grow hourly.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2016.07.20 = 0.07916800 BTC (~ 52.5$)
    2016.07.20 0.07916800 160 KH/s + 150 KH/s Free Bonus

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2016.09.18 = 0.11664698 BTC
    2016.09.18 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.17 0.00189100 Payout to address
    2016.09.16 0.00186000 Payout to address
    2016.09.15 0.00186000 Payout to address
    2016.09.14 0.00192200 Payout to address
    2016.09.13 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.12 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.11 0.00193750 Payout to address
    2016.09.10 0.00192200 Payout to address
    2016.09.09 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.08 0.00193130 Payout to address
    2016.09.07 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.06 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.05 0.00193750 Payout to address
    2016.09.04 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.03 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.02 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.09.01 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.08.31 0.00194370 Payout to address
    2016.08.30 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.08.29 0.00193750 Payout to address
    2016.08.28 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.08.27 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.08.26 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.08.25 0.00186000 Payout to address
    2016.08.24 0.00189100 Payout to address
    2016.08.23 0.00186000 Payout to address
    2016.08.22 0.00195300 Payout to address
    2016.08.21 0.00201810 Payout to address
    2016.08.20 0.00199640 Payout to address
    2016.08.19 0.00198865 Payout to address
    2016.08.18 0.00198865 Payout to address
    2016.08.17 0.00198865 Payout to address
    2016.08.16 0.00201810 Payout to address
    2016.08.15 0.00201531 Payout to address
    2016.08.14 0.00201810 Payout to address
    2016.08.13 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.08.12 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.08.11 0.00202417 Payout to address
    2016.08.10 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.08.09 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.08.08 0.00201810 Payout to address
    2016.08.07 0.00201810 Payout to address
    2016.08.06 0.00201810 Payout to address
    2016.08.05 0.00202120 Payout to address
    2016.08.04 0.00202120 Payout to address
    2016.08.03 0.00202399 Payout to address
    2016.08.02 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.08.01 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.07.31 0.00202430 Payout to address
    2016.07.30 0.00202120 Payout to address
    2016.07.29 0.00202374 Payout to address
    2016.07.28 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.07.27 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.07.26 0.00202368 Payout to address
    2016.07.25 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.07.24 0.00202414 Payout to address
    2016.07.23 0.00204367 Payout to address
    2016.07.22 0.00204367 Payout to address
Comment #1: 25 July 2016 11:27
looks good to me so far. have deposited fund and receiving it daily without any delay. i did call them and contacted support team several times and felt surprised that they are replying asap.
Comment #2: 26 July 2016 03:16
good night, I need to invest but can not find option to deposit btc that is not encuenro the direction of wallet to have balance and to make a purchase, could help me
Comment #3: 26 July 2016 03:39
Wtf ! The same to you ! I can't deposit to my account ! Oh my God
Comment #4: 26 July 2016 10:28

go to buy option, enter the amount greater than 150kh/s ( e.g. 151). "get the payment address" button will get activated and pay from your wallet. This steps worked when i purchased power.
Comment #5: 10 August 2016 16:49

Future home of something quite cool.
If you're the site owner, log in to launch this site

If you are a visitor, check back soon.
Comment #6: 11 August 2016 09:22 working fine. Have received email from them yesterday about site maintenance.

They said "Sorry for the inconvenience, We are upgrading our server and security, Please stay with us and we will be back within 2 hours. Today's Payout has already been sent to members. Keep mining. "

I have also received my daily payout on the same day.
Comment #7: 17 August 2016 05:53
Are if we request withdrawal today they will process the next day, not the same day when we request withdrawal..
Comment #8: 30 August 2016 14:11
Flying BTC 100% ROI is 41 Day.
Comment #9: 1 September 2016 12:28
CM Monitor,free power got purchase everyday or not?
I have register but i dont purchase power
Comment #10: 1 September 2016 12:53
yana jigong,
Quote from FAQ:
Users get 150 kh/s bonus power when they register an account with us. Daily profit of free power will be added to the balance. Auto payout option will only be available after purchasing the minimum power. Free power will get deactivated if user does not purchase minimum power within 30 days.
Comment #11: 1 September 2016 13:45
Till now i dont receive my profitCM Monitor,
Comment #12: 1 September 2016 22:11
yana jigong,
Quote from Homepage of Flyingbtc:

Our one month promotional offer of mining on free power has ended.
Though you still get 150 Kh/S free power but it will only start mining after purchasing a power from the site.
Comment #13: 6 September 2016 19:08
have a problem with daily payment!

got only e-mail but havent payment...

look like a scam
Comment #14: 6 September 2016 22:00
I haven't received my withdrawal. This is starting to sound too good to be true what a waste of bitcoin
Comment #15: 7 September 2016 14:53
I am receiving payout daily. and i can see even cmmonior also receiving the payout daily. Please contact their customer support at They will look into your account and help you with the payout issue you are facing. I have received reply of my all the questions by so far. if you have purchased power, selected automatic payments as payout option and have entered your bitcoin wallet address correctly, you must be receiving daily payout to your wallet.
Comment #16: 18 September 2016 10:53
Hi Admin,

did this site still paying ?
Comment #17: 18 September 2016 15:08

today I did not receive my payment, what happened? Scam?
Comment #18: 18 September 2016 15:37
Quote: Ronald contreras

today I did not receive my payment, what happened? Scam?

I don't know, because our daily payment received today. Try contact with support ...
Comment #19: 18 September 2016 16:15
i have a same problem: 'today I did not receive my payment'

but payment not payed yet...
Comment #20: 18 September 2016 20:10
I have the same problem today .I also noticed that the payment came 3/4 hours later than usual in my acount.I dont know how they work exactly but I think Ive red on their website that dont only mine bitcoins .In my opinion ,the price was little less when I got the payment in the acount than the price now ,so just maybe they use the coins for trading or something to be on + with THEIR profit cuz they were on - (minus) when they payed earlier .cuz you know that the ROI is for the money invested but in fiat currency

Admin Im just curious ,you are not using the cmmonitor for acc name on their site
Comment #21: 18 September 2016 20:32
yes, our login is m*****
Comment #22: 18 September 2016 20:46
Thanks admin .Im not sure yet what the problem is...but I would suggest to use a different email withouth 'cmmonitor' in it because this site is popular for helping people find the right investment site and scammers may use this for their advantage .they should not know who you are cuz they will pay YOU for sure to make a good reputation then they will pay the other men that maybe found their site trouth you then when everyone is glad with their investment and the scammers site becomes very popular and the last big wave of investors come to rent power boom they are gone .please no hard feeling this is just an opinion
Comment #23: 18 September 2016 21:17
You're absolutelly right. Thanks for suggestion.
Comment #24: 19 September 2016 08:19
sob Already Scam Now...
Comment #25: 19 September 2016 10:11
Yesterday profits accrued but not yet paid
Comment #26: 19 September 2016 17:07
in site
writing about
they set up new mining center
and all members will recieve
payments from tuesday

maybe fly BTC will fly...
Comment #27: 19 September 2016 19:49
2days with No payout.
Comment #28: 19 September 2016 23:09
Quote: 1a1
in site
writing about
they set up new mining center
and all members will recieve
payments from tuesday

maybe fly BTC will fly...

I never saw this thanks for the info. At least they have said something about the delay!

I guess it will continue as normal. I have faith!
Comment #29: 20 September 2016 16:25
Well its the 20th still nothing....
Comment #30: 20 September 2016 18:00
New mining center is probably "".
Be careful.
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