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About CM Monitor
Our mission is to ensure bitcoiners can choose the most profitable cloud mining solution which fits their risk tolerance, budget and bitcoin earning goals.

The Cloud Mining Monitor (CMM) team is also committed to ensuring cloud mining reviews are constantly updated with the latest information which could impact enthusiasts looking to buy hashing power on these Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin cloud mining platforms.

We will constantly be adding more cloud mining reviews as we discover new cloud mining services.


Last update: 2016.11.17
  • Мinimum hashrate:  Mini Miner
  • Payouts:  Instant   /   Daily
  • Investment object:  Bitcoin-mining
  • Monitored from:  03.09.2016
  • Monitored (days):  
  • Our investment:  0.10000000 BTC
  • Our investment (Hashrate):  Beta Miner
  • Our rating:
  • 4
  • Users rating:
  • Payout Ratio %:
Alexa Traffic Ranks
Daily Reach %
  • BTC Miners Information


    From 0.01000000 BTC to 0.25000000 BTC

    Earning Rate

    From 0.00016500 BTC/day to 0.00450000 BTC/day
  • Sustainable and Profitable Cloud Mining and Investing

    Free mining

    All users receive a free miner upon registration, so you can start out making profits without investing a penny!


    We even allow you to buy an auto-claimer to automatically claim your earnings every hour. No need to worry about being online all the time!

    Fast payouts

    Funds are sent almost immediately after making a withdrawal from your MultiMine account. We don't mess around.

    Advanced Statistics Tracking

    We offer a detailed statistics and historic graphs so you can keep precise track of your investments and earnings. Full detailed history for earnings, deposits, investments, and everything is available within our dashboard.

    Payments sent in less than 2 minutes

    Our system is built to be fast and efficient. Payments are sent out in under 2 minutes time. Payments can be sent to any wallet, desktop or online wallets and we do not take any fees from your withdrawal.

    24/7 Support Team

    Every Multimine user will have access to our Lightning Fast Support team who is available on standby 24/7 throughout the year. Even on holidays you can expect a fast response for any help you may require from us. Contact us via e-mail or helpdesk.

    Industrial Grade Security

    Multimine was custom built from the ground up. All of our servers are DDOS protected. We offer two-factor authentication for additional security to protect your account and funds.

    Flexible Investing Options

    We offer two main investing options: Hashrate Rental and Investment Plans

    Miner/Hashrate Rental

    Rent miners or hashrate generated from our pool of miners in our cloud. We offer our members heavily discounted rates on our bulk volume of hashrate as a profitable investment. Watch your miners generate earnings in real time.

    Flexible Investment Plans

    Earn competitive interest rates for up to 365 days per contract. You can choose how much you want to invest and for how long. The interest rates are based on your invested pricipal amount. Earnings are also awarded in real-time.

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2016.09.03 = 0.10000000 BTC
    2016.09.03 0.10000000 BTC Beta Miner (without auto-claimer)

  • Date Amount Comment
    TOTAL: 2016.10.29 = 0.08724543 BTC
    2016.10.29 0.00470790 Withdrawal
    2016.10.26 0.00479872 Withdrawal
    2016.10.23 0.00568897 Withdrawal
    2016.10.19 0.00464800 Withdrawal
    2016.10.16 0.00483667 Withdrawal
    2016.10.13 0.00486123 Withdrawal
    2016.10.10 0.00565300 Withdrawal
    2016.10.07 0.00492403 Withdrawal
    2016.10.03 0.00492886 Withdrawal
    2016.09.30 0.00468259 Withdrawal
    2016.09.27 0.00453819 Withdrawal
    2016.09.24 0.00462270 Withdrawal
    2016.09.21 0.00415790 Withdrawal
    2016.09.18 0.00409623 Withdrawal
    2016.09.15 0.00420860 Withdrawal
    2016.09.12 0.00504477 Withdrawal
    2016.09.09 0.00513393 Withdrawal
    2016.09.06 0.00571314 Withdrawal
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC and the maximum amount of withdrawals you can make per day is 1. All withdrawals are processed instantly and all transaction fees are paid by MultiMine.
Comment #1: 30 October 2016 12:32
please what do you have to say about this whats the difference with the above.
Comment #2: 2 November 2016 03:59

You have any news of them?
Comment #3: 4 November 2016 10:10
i told you guys they are thesame scam lmao this is their link on this same monitor
Comment #4: 8 November 2016 02:23
its a big scam he use the same name of the business that scammed people in march 2015 read here:
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